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Wondering what PHP is?

PHP is a server-side scripting language that is specially used for web development and embedded in HTML. It is the most common and used language for web development. The most amazing thing about PHP is that it's way simpler than other web development languages.


PHP role in web development

PHP plays a crucial role in web development. There are many benefits of choosing PHP for your website, some of the following are as follows

  • Fast project completion
  • Market widespread
  • Low cost

Market Wide Spread

PHP has great dominance on market requirements. Wide range of servers support PHP development as in today's market many development languages are not supported on all of the servers.

Fast project completion

As PHP is a very easy language to code on so it takes minimum time to develop a responsive and effective website.

Low Cost

PHP is totally open source which excludes the extra cost of paid downloading, licensing, and having expensive web hosting.


building a creative and responsive website.

Many PHP frameworks are used for building a creative and responsive website. Some of the popular frameworks that are most commonly used are as follows


Laravel is the most popular free and open-source framework. It completes complex web applications faster than other available frameworks.


Symphony is the first launched framework on the list. It’s a PHP/MVC framework. It is used for easily developing large scaled websites.


CodeIgniter is most commonly known for its small size which is just 2mbs. It is vastly used for developing dynamic websites in PHP.

Combined Shape

Cake PHP

Cake PHP is a simple and elegant tool kit that is easy for even a beginner to use. Its CRUD framework makes it simpler to use.

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Upgrading a PHP application is very important to ensure the version that you are using is fully supported. Our highly skilled PHP developers can modernize and upgrade the most complex projects.

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